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No! Partial birth abortion is an immoral, violent, unnecessary act against unborn children.

If we are seeking a peaceful existence in our world, we need to start believing in the sanctity of all life from conception to natural death. This means teaching our children not to accept violent acts against the unborn, elderly, deformed and any others who do not fit comfortably into our society.

This procedure, which borders on infanticide, shows that we still have a long way to go.

Should they overturn the ban? Constitutional law aside: yes.

Women have done a fine job of being in charge of reproduction and ought to be left alone. The feds have no business being peeping toms into a woman’s most private business. I think the Congress ought to keep their religious zeal to themselves.

The procedure in question is rare, and it’s interesting to note that these legislators are the same one’s responsible for the death and maiming in the Middle East. Right to life: unless you disagree with them.

Having only a layman’s knowledge of law, it is my understanding that one role of the Supreme Court is to hear challenges to new legislation and base their decision upon precedent. The 2003 law signed by President Bush makes no exception for the health of the mother, thus it ignores the high court’s overturning of the Nebraska law in 2000.

After a probable trial and appellate ruling, the court will most likely overturn the new law.

Abortion is wretched. There are no winners: not the mother, the doctor who must perform it; least of all the potential human being. But by the time an abortion is performed, the mother has decided that she can’t raise this child, or her health is threatened by this child. Our prisons are already filled with damaged children.

It’s incongruous that many conservatives fervently want less government ” but more fervently want government to regulate this most personal decision. As if making some choices illegal will make abortion go away. It’s already all bad: New laws won’t help. Note to Congress and Supremes: Butt out.

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