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I believe surrendering freedom will not assure security. I believe that open communication networks form a positive network against violence. I believe that securing our homelands does not include sending troops to other nations. I believe that our constitutional rights must continue to be upheld despite the terror of attack. It is like gun control, only the criminal will have the gun. The thought of our libraries under fire with search warrants and book burning scares me more than a terrorist attack.

It is always a delicate balancing act between security and liberty in a constitutionally driven government such as ours. To me, it has to boil down to the individuals in charge of maintaining this balancing act. This group does not need to be trusted with what amounts to absolute power. In fact, they remind me of the Nixon era, only they are a whole lot smarter. Are the protections worth the loss of individual freedoms? Not with John Ashcroft in charge; he is one scary dude.

No, no, emphatically no! The Patriot Act should be thrown in the trash bin where it belongs. The fight against terrorism should start at home. All U.S. military personnel should be brought home and assigned to patrol our borders. Then go door to door if need be and anyone found to be in this country illegally should be escorted to the border and told never to return. Every day this act is allowed to remain on the books is a day closer to proving George Orwell to be a prophet.

“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” ” Benjamin Franklin

We Americans are used to a wonderful, free culture. We have been enjoying this freedom since our existence. If you look at the history of other countries, they have endured many losses, including wars, deaths, and rebuilding cities. Our first experience with this kind of loss was Sept. 11. So now we have changed, now we, too, will have to adapt and protect lives. With this protection comes a price, the price of giving up some of our privacy. Life is more important than a little privacy. Get a larger perspective; we still live in a wonderful, beautiful, and prosperous country. If you don’t think so, you need to travel. Then you will see how fortunate we are.

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