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Yes, I think the Democrats still have a chance. Much can happen between now and November.

I’d like to see the Democrats start to focus on how to beat Bush instead of bickering amongst themselves. They have a few very qualified candidates, and have the opportunity to select a team that could give Bush a run for the White House.

With the Dow over 10,000 and the capture of Saddam, the Democrats need to quickly consider putting their egos on the shelf and get after winning the election.

Educated citizens make the wisest choices. It will be the job of the Democrats to make sure the truth gets out about all the issues: the war, the environment, the economy, and the growing disparity between the rich and the rest of the United States.

If the Democrats can do this, and if we can have a fair and honest election, I believe they can win the vote for the presidency.

Of course they do. It doesn’t look likely, but it is possible. Remember 12 years ago. However, we don’t see a charismatic, slick talker among Democrats battling for the nomination.

Senior President Bush generated apathy among voters, which turned into Democrat votes. Current President Bush is generating vicious hate, which could turn into Democrat votes, although at the moment it doesn’t seem probable. Still, anything can happen, and it is foolish to be too positive about the White House until we wake up and catch the Nov. 3 news.


The leaders of the Democratic Party do not share the same values as the majority of Americans; therefore the candidates they choose to run will not connect with the voters.

When you have leaders of your party going to Iraq and basically standing in support of Hussein, as was the case with Bonior, Thompson, and McDermott, you have problems as a party.

You can’t undermine America for the sake of regaining power; people see this and are no longer manipulated by the liberal press.

I predict continued success for conservative candidates.

I believe the Democrats can win the next presidential election if they will do two things.

First, they must focus on the most important issues facing our nation, like the economy and the war, which means avoiding a Republican attempt to refocus the election on divisive issues like same sex marriage and abortion.

They must also stop bickering amongst themselves and come together as a strong party behind one candidate. Continuing to campaign against each other rather than George Bush is just plain stupid.

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