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Whether people like it or not, undocumented workers are a necessity in our valley. I feel it is only fair that if we employ the worker for our own comforts, they should be able to reap the benefits, legal or not.

As it is now the federal government collects Social Security from all workers who are paid “on the books.” This is a cash cow for our government. Let’s hope this leads to granting citizenship so they can become full members of our community as they did when they came through Ellis Island.

Bush’s proposal seems a cynical pandering to keep himself and his crones in power. Likely some benefits will accrue. Those benefits, however, are far outweighed by the downsides.

Since workers need to leave the country every three years, the stage is set for more illegals to fail to do so. Worse, it will promote a new form of indentured servitude because employers will have the power to have permits revoked.

Get rid of Bush. Elect someone with the interests of those outside the ranks of the power elite in mind!

No. Revamping the immigration bureaucracy (not merely changing the name), enforcing immigration law, securing the border and placing pressure on Mexico as well as U.S. business to wean themselves of the benefits of illegal immigration are all hallmarks of long-term immigration reform.

Action of strategic import to the United States such as immigration should be based on sound, far-sighted policy, not election-year vote ploys such as President Bush’s guest worker program.

Osmosis is life. Vital nutrients (sugars /money) flow across boundaries from high concentration to low (blood > cell / US$ > Central America). Through osmosis, many non-Americans share our Dream.

Immigrants have always struggled to come here: the Irish, Germans, Slavs, Chinese before, now the Central Americans. Millions are working and living here because we pay them to do scut work that “respectable” Americans won’t do.

Bush’s temporary worker plan is not perfect, but we have to change. We don’t have to make all immigrants into citizens, but we can’t keep treating them as felons.

Bush is to be praised for addressing a festering problem. I am all for granting status based on strict enforceable criteria. The argument will be about the criteria, and Congress and the courts will have final say. Bush made a good start.

There is no question but that President Bush is and should be addressing this issue, election year or not. Giving legal status automatically is different than grant-ing legal status after careful review with stringent criteria. For those meeting the test, I am all for it.

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