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Absent heroic measures (i.e., an aqueduct from the Great Lakes), the only sustainable source of water is diverting surface water currently used by agriculture.

The bigger question is: Do we want dramatic population growth in the first place? Do we want to trade cattle for condos? Significant population growth has other serious implications, e.g. statewide highway infrastructure, Front Range air quality, etc.

Colorado must think carefully prior to enabling large population increases. It’s not consistent with our historic values, and it stresses our unique ecosystem and limited natural resources.

Ways to increase water supply in Colorado for 2030:

1. Eliminate agriculture

2. Stop building houses

3. Outlaw bluegrass lawns

4. Bring back outhouses

5. Pray harder to the snow gods

6. Dam the Colorado River at the Utah border

7. Annex Alaska, melt its icebergs and build a water pipeline to Colorado

8. Reroute the Missouri River

9. Bathe in bottled water and drive dirty cars

10. Enact the Healthy Forest Act and chop down all the trees.

Dam it. Dams are the only alternative. As much as we dislike their cost, let alone the Colorado land they cover, we have no other practical alternative. As long as we actively promote Colorado as a desirable place to live, we have an obligation to supply those same people with an adequate water supply.

Increased water conservation practices will help, but in relation to total need, are so insignificant as to only push back the problem to our children. Build the dams and take advantage of the recreational opportunities so provided to further maximize the cleanest industry available: tourism.

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