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There are a couple questions nested here: Am I comfortable with our knowledge of the Project Rulison results and am I comfortable with current gas drilling operations in Garfield County? Nope, this one gets a resounding “absolutely not!”

We don’t know how wide-spread the Rulison contamination is, and after the blatant abuse of drilling requirements this fall by EnCana, we have no reasonable expectation of restraint and responsibility on the part of the drilling industry. We are right to insist that gas drilling be kept well clear of any possible “danger zone.”

As a natural gas customer, I appreciate the gas industry’s ability to provide an economical and reliable product. I also expect them to make every effort possible to ensure that the gas provided is safe.

If the natural gas from the Project Rulison area is adequately tested and found to be nonradioactive, then I would feel comfortable with allowing this gas to be introduced into the nation’s supply.

However, Presco had better make sure that they have customers for this potentially radioactive gas because flaring off is not acceptable.

After service as a Russian linguist in ASA and earning a degree in Russian, I worked 25 years as a sci-tech translator. One client was Rocky Flats. A paper we translated dealt with migration of radioactive materials through subsurface strata.

Seems the Germans had buried hot waste deep in a “safe” area but, guess what, a couple decades later groundwater in Italy displayed tags identical to the German waste. It had leaked into an underground river and been transported under the Alps.

Do I trust this little operation here? I don’t think so.

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