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No! How could I support an act that would cause any more pain and suffering? We must ask for peace. We must allow the United Nations to step in and force Iraq to comply.

We have to look for answers beyond the act of war. Secure our homeland first. Unite in conserving our supplies of oil here and seek alternative supplies. Build a world our children can be proud of and a future that looks brighter everyday. Make love not war.

I would prefer to “support” a peaceful solution to the situation in Iraq. It is difficult to imagine anybody “supporting” an attack and its ugly consequences.

Because of this, the decision to engage in a military attack should not be made based on the results of opinion polls. We, as a country, have elected our leaders to make difficult decisions in the interest of this country and the world. We must ultimately support our leaders and the decisions they must make.

The ever-widening credibility gap I have with the Bush administration on the environment and the economy does not preclude the fact that I read “Three Days of the Condor,” “Debt of Honor” and “Valhalla Rising.” After Sept. 11, my response was, “Why didn’t our best and brightest see this coming?”

The main lesson of Sept. 11 is that there is a worst-case scenario and it is no longer fictional. Give the murdering b— one week to go into exile and if he doesn’t, let loose the dogs of war.

Go ahead and nuke Baghdad, and while you’re at it, turn North Korea into toast. Surprisingly I hear this from quite a few of my more radical friends.

Personally, I don’t like the idea of being the aggressor. An unprovoked attack on another country is not my idea of sane government policy. If Dub-ya truly feels Saddam must go, a more covert attack on him personally is something I could support, saving lives of the innocent in the process.

A preemptive strike brands the United States the aggressor and Hussein a victim. To precipitate the fury of Muslims everywhere without a smoking gun is insanity.

Where is compelling proof that imminent terrorism lurks in Iraq? Divert billions spent preparing for war to the inspectors to sift Iraq’s sands for real proof.

Life cannot be replaced. To take it from others is evil, even if we feel threatened. Until there is real proof, let us strike back, not strike first. Unqualified attack will only breed the next generation of terrorists.

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