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Shipping America’s much-needed jobs to poor nations is dangerous for not only our economy but those companies doing it as well.

I think the government should make creating sweatshops and the like in other countries a much more difficult process than it currently is ” filling out a few forms and building a factory just barely suitable for humane working conditions.

Many businesses, through mismanagement or greed, outsource jobs to make a profit. Allowing the government to dictate to them who they can employ and where is a violation of their rights.

The government is a servant of the people, not its master, and if we allow our government to act as our master we will slowly lose our freedoms until we have none left.

I want jobs to stay here, but I will not tell anyone what to do, nor will I ask my government to do it for me.

For decades we have enthusiastically purchased goods made with high-quality, low-wage foreign labor (Toyota, Sony, etc.). This is eminently sensible economic behavior.

If American enterprise is now forbidden access to favorable labor markets, foreign competitors will eventually replace our landmark companies. America will lose not only the labor jobs but also the executive and support jobs, the taxes, and the technological expertise these companies provide.

Like forests, protected economies soon become dysfunctional. Only the cleansing fire of competition can keep them healthy. Let’s hope our government does nothing.

The current government isn’t going to do anything. So we will have to act. During the civil rights movement, African Americans stopped buying from local companies that practiced racial discrimination. It brought the business community to its knees.

It’s all about the bottom line. Boycott the companies that are shipping our jobs overseas. Same goes for Washington, D.C., politics that promote offshore corporate tax breaks and job cuts.

With your vote, take control and outsource the current administration.

Nothing. There are only two choices: Either we send the jobs to them, or they will come to the job. The economically challenged countries all lack the same essential characteristic ” capitalism. Their people are so economically destitute they have nothing to lose.

History has shown us that we must infuse capitalism into their economic system or they will come to our shores in one of two forms: terrorism or immigration.

In addition, the best way to reduce conflict is to make them economically dependent upon us. Most are smart enough not to blow up their own payroll.

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