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The Glenwood Springs Municipal Airport is a place for the entertainment and convenience of the minority. With three other airports nearby (Aspen, Eagle and Rifle), those who find entertainment and convenience in the airport could, and should, be selfless enough to sacrifice it for the benefit of the majority. A park, a new school, or a neighborhood of affordable homes will prove useful to a much greater percentage of Glenwood Springs residents than the airport ever has, or ever can.

I would like to see the airport left as is. To me, the airport is one of the many things that makes Glenwood Springs a unique mountain community, and we need to hold onto this. Although the airport is not “open space” per se, it is an area of “openness” and adds to the character of this town. After living in this valley for 17 years, I understand the need for affordable housing, modern school facilities for the Valley’s children and totally support open space, but not at the expense of one of our town’s unique assets.

The best use of the airport site is as an airport. This is how the voters responded a few years ago, and I would predict a similar vote today. There are no compelling reasons to close the airport. The uses proposed would indeed benefit Glenwood, but I believe there are other sites also viable. Closing the airport is a move which could never be reversed.

I randomly asked a few locals what they wanted to do with the airport. All but one, including myself, want it to stay as it is.

Growth is not always the answer. I believe Glenwood Springs is a unique city and hopefully will stay an old-style mountain town. That’s why I moved here in 1980 – to get away from the California philosophy. For those that like consistent growth, I suggest moving to California. That’s easier than trying to make Glenwood look like Los Angeles.

“Airport If ” (a poor parody of Kipling)

If Glenwood can cure its traffic woes,

And add to that a pending Red Feather,

Cars will increase as everyone knows,

Development Park East to West cannot weather;

If a high school were built out of town,

Out of the core and to the fringe,

Students and faculty will abound,

Causing another motorized binge;

If you accept that under its current use,

And that a transportation task is at hand,

Pilots will cause relatively low road abuse,

So an airport is the current best play for the land.

Side note: Every time I drive northbound on Highway 82 and see the new background of Park East, “What the heck?” always comes to mind.

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