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I am not sure if “legacy” is the correct terminology here. Of course you could claim it is “something transmitted or received from the past.” Whatever. In the grand scheme of things, it is too soon to predict what result the primary will have. The encouraging part, though, is that there were about twice as many voters this year as in 2000. Of course, it was still a pathetic showing if you consider the population in the county. There were also considerably more Republicans voting than Democrats. Food for thought.

Since the primary pretty much decided the district attorney race, I think the outgoing DA left a legacy of tolerating lying rogue cops and the incoming DA, who has apparently only tried two cases, is bringing a legacy of supporting the democracy-ignoring TRIDENT. We now have a local government that is eager to put you into jail and willing to ignore state law to do so. For good reason, TRIDENT was losing support all over the valley, but now they’ve got their woman in place, and the more busts they make, the more federal dollars they will qualify for. So the legacy will be more of our neighbors in jail on trumped-up charges.

Republican infighting. The Senate primary between Coors and Schaffer exposed a growing rift in the GOP. Party leaders want to appeal to moderate voters and downplay appearances of domination by religious conservatives. This is proving difficult because expectations among this group have grown along with GOP victories at the polls. They are a solid bloc of dependable voters, but not a statewide or national majority. As they become more assertive, their uncompromising agenda alienates other voters and becomes a liability in close elections. Republicans have profited in recent years because of this alliance, but it may ultimately splinter.

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