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The long-term viability of the Roaring Fork Valley rail corridor, as a future rail transportation facility, should be preserved. Sale of the rails would yield only an inconsequential, short-term economic benefit and could lead to conversion of the right of way to recreational trail use. Conversion of the right of way to recreational use will only make future rail transportation that much more difficult in the future and drive the cost up to replace the “trail.”

I think they should seriously consider it. As an optimist who hopes to see some form of public transportation using the rail corridor someday, I’d like to see the tracks stay in place. However, if RFTA is suffering financially, and doesn’t do all they can to stay afloat, we may lose the public transportation we already have in place. It’s an unfortunate situation. If it’s the last alternative, sell the rails. If RFTA can stay afloat without resorting to that tactic I say – SAVE THE RAILS.

In the RFTA leadership team I am sure there are wiser and more knowledgeable heads than mine that are diligently considering this offer. They may be weighing the possibility of a better offer, or investigating the reliability of the bidding company. Meanwhile, we should all be supporting RFTA – our valley’s only mass transportation option in this time of spiraling oil prices and an uncertain energy future.

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