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The Grand Avenue Paving Project bothered me so much I decided to flee to Europe for the duration of the mess. Just kidding. Actually, I had a trip to Europe planned during this time before I was informed of the project’s schedule, so it just fit perfectly. I am actually in Poland at an Internet cafe right now, far away from all that the GAPP entails. I wish everyone stuck there the very best and suggest books on tape as a medicinal aid for traffic jams. Powodzenia!! (That’s Polish for “good luck.”)

The Grand Avenue repaving project is actually a bummer for me, as a pedestrian. Not only does it make me avoid Grand Avenue as a whole (and therefore all the businesses on it), it causes an extremely large growth in traffic in the Midland Avenue neighborhood, which is where I live. All in all, I can honestly say that I’m not too fond of the project, and although I’m sure it’s needed, it’s having many adverse affects in the community.

Long ago I learned it was easier to use Glenwood’s side streets instead of Grand Avenue. My main concern to Glenwood’s traffic congestion is Midland Avenue from I-70 to South Glenwood. Why wasn’t it built as a highway bypass around Glenwood? Was wasn’t the westbound I-70 entry/exit from the Midland alternate route designed better with formal turning lanes? Will the Meadows developer be widening the alternate route the same time we’re driving it to avoid the Grand Avenue construction? If the big-boxes don’t finish off Glenwood Springs as a getaway tourist spa, the traffic congestion will.

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