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Both John Kerry and George W. Bush stand for the political platforms that their respective parties have touted.

President Bush adheres to the trickle-down economic viewpoint: help the “haves” and their wealth with trickle down to the “have-nots.”

Sen. Kerry believes that if the lower economic level is aided, then the entire economy will benefit by having more spent: the bottom-up theory.

As for the two men’s personalities: President Bush stands by his beliefs and Sen. Kerry appears to change directions.

Let’s be clear here: other than they both are essentially good men who want to do what they think is right for the country, they are nothing BUT differences! And the biggest difference is in their ability, or maybe their willingness, to change as conditions and information warrant.

Sen. Kerry has been violently criticized for being “wishy-washy” when it appears that he is continually re-examining issues and his response to those issues. President Bush is taken to task for being too rigid and unthinking when he does the opposite.

Sadly, as voters we are more likely to mimic President Bush and simply filter out any information that could confuse our already-made-up minds.

Leadership style ” which is defined by a spectrum of terms from laissez-faire at one end to dictatorial at the other.

John Kerry speaks to communication, multilateral cooperation and concern for the effect of one country’s actions on another.

George Bush favors the autocratic, unilateral, closed-door approach. Kerry’s leadership is exemplified by the infantry’s motto, “Follow me!” Bush’s is more like the old joke, “I am their leader. Which way did they go?” Anyone who hasn’t lived in a cave for years knows which approach gets positive results.

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