Interested readers in western Garfield County |

Interested readers in western Garfield County

Mike Bennett

I’d like to thank the 20-plus readers who came to our Coffee Talk last Thursday in Rifle, as well as the many others not able to attend who called or emailed with their thoughts.

We had a pretty good contingent of residents of Parachute and Battlement Mesa who would really like to see us distribute the Post Independent again to their towns.

For the record, discontinuing distribution there was for financial reasons. We just did not have enough businesses from that market advertising to help offset the printing and delivery expense. Our local advertisers pay for the cost of your local community newspapers. We hope you find their advertising valuable and that you patronize your local businesses.

Ironically, I received an e-mail from a reader on Saturday complaining that we placed the Glenwood High School basketball game on the last page of sports and featured Carbondale’s on the first page. This reader saw us as Glenwood’s “hometown” newspaper. The reality is that our goal is to be the newspaper of record for Garfield County with emphasis on Carbondale through Rifle.

Kaaren Peck from Grand River Health said Grand River would like to provide the PI to its Meals on Wheels clients, many of whom live in Parachute/Battlement Mesa. And the library in Parachute would also like to have more papers. We will see what we can do to form this delivery partnership at least on Monday through Friday. It’s easy for us to get newspapers to Rifle — it’s that extra 17 miles west that becomes problematic.

Many people said they enjoy our features about the youth in our community as often as possible and one commented on how much she enjoyed the new student arts column in Scene.

One gentleman expressed concern that The Citizen Telegram might go away. This is not in our plans, as the CT has a strong following.

The CT is the legal newspaper in the county, which comes with its paid status. If you want to find bid opportunities you will find them there. But more importantly, you will find unique community information that you won’t find in the Post Independent. Our goal is to publish all of the hard news related to the Rifle area in the PI and put more hometown feature content in the CT. Most people who read the CT also read the PI.

As our readers, you are key to what we publish. We use a variety of tools to understand what stories are being read online, and rely on feedback regarding what is being read in print. We try to continue to provide the content you want and/or need on a regular basis.

Remember, we don’t know every thing that is going on in our communities, so we rely heavily on you for story ideas and news tips. When you have them, please contact editor Randy Essex at

Michael Bennett is publisher of the Post Independent.

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