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James Kellogg column: Vote Trump — escape ‘government-media matrix’

James Kellogg

Americans are trapped in the “government-media matrix.” Politicians and bureaucrats appropriate our liberties and choices while the mainstream media propagandizes about societal progress.

The media collaborates to ensure election of Mrs. Clinton, the “blue candidate” for president because she asserts citizens must rely on government for jobs, health care and education. The “red candidate,” Mr. Trump, is excoriated for exposing the matrix and showing that escape is possible with a purposeful return to individual liberty, free-markets and personal responsibility.

In the movie, “The Matrix,” an average computer programmer, known as Neo (Keanu Reeves), is a dutiful taxpayer, living within the confines of his “reality.” As doubts about this reality creep into Neo’s mind, Morpheus (Lawrence Fishburne), a computer hacker branded as a terrorist and pursued by government agents, makes contact with Neo. Morpheus presents a choice; a “blue pill” will allow Neo to remain in comfortable, ignorant dependence. A “red pill” will awaken him to the shocking reality that he and his fellow citizens are dependent slaves to The Matrix. Neo chooses the red pill and accepts his purpose to set humanity free.

A vote for the blue candidate is a choice that dependence on government is preferable to the risk of personal failure. It’s easier to delegate fulfillment of our needs to government. In regards to Social Security, Mrs. Clinton said, “I’ll defend it and I’ll expand it.” She’s pledged to defend and expand Obamacare. This includes “affordable” health care available to those who enter our country illegally. Clinton wants to raise taxes to pay for “tuition-free” college for families with income less than $125,000.

Voting for the red candidate requires belief in the values and constitutional principles that the United States is founded upon. Mr. Trump promises his appointments to the federal courts would be judges who are committed to preserving individual liberty and upholding the constitutional rule of law. He’s also a proponent of school choice, especially in low-income communities where educational inequities keep minorities dependent on the government-media matrix.

The blue candidate promises that the federal government will keep spending our money on massive new “investments” in green energy jobs and “shovel-ready” infrastructure projects. Mrs. Clinton also says she will “rewrite the rules” to force private companies to “share profits” with employees. And she’s going to push for a $15 minimum wage. Since the national debt has doubled to $20 trillion under President Obama, the Federal Reserve Bank will print more money, further devaluing our currency and pulling Americans deeper into the government-media matrix.

Electing the red candidate is a demand for real economic growth, driven by free-market economics. Mr. Trump wants to release American citizens and businesses from the bondage of punitive taxes, excessive regulation, and disadvantageous international trade deals. He favors fueling economic growth with the estimated $50 trillion in domestic natural gas, oil and clean coal reserves. Americans can escape the matrix if entrepreneurs are free to identify and fill the needs of citizens.

The government-media matrix is pervasive. Mrs. Clinton says she helped President Obama create prosperity, yet we’re in the weakest recovery since the Great Depression. The media tells us unemployment is dropping, but 20 percent of American households do not have a family member in the labor force. President Obama claims his policies have been an economic success, yet the number of people eligible for food stamps has increased by 12 million over the past eight years. Mrs. Clinton is part of the corrupt and oppressive government-media matrix.

Like Neo, many within our nation have been born into dependency on a matrix they do not perceive. Government masquerades as the great provider, and the media hides the scandalous fact that our society is being robbed of the sense of purpose that unlocks true potential in human beings. Those held captive by the matrix are blind to their loss of dreams and dignity. Meanwhile, government-media agents, disguised as journalists and pundits, collude to destroy political outsiders, like Mr. Trump, who might expose the matrix and initiate revolt.

Americans voters face a choice similar to Neo. A vote for Mrs. Clinton amounts to choosing the blue pill and continuing to relinquish dreams and purpose in exchange for subservient dependence. Choosing the red pill by voting for Mr. Trump is a demand for a life of purpose and potential. Reject the blue pill. Take the red pill. As Morpheus warned Neo; “This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back.”

James D. Kellogg is an engineering consultant and the author of “Radical Action: A Colt Kelley Thriller.” Look for the novel on amazon.com and visit JamesDKellogg.com or email james@jamesdkellogg.com.

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