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Tuesday letters: Juneteenth march, Glenwood Council, and Trump not keeping us safe

Motorcycle harassment, intimidation were attempts to silence protesters

I marched in the Juneteenth demonstration on Friday evening in Rifle. I thought perhaps the rest of the community would like to hear about it from one participant’s point of view.

The many protestors who came to peacefully march to support equality and an end to systemic racism for our black and brown brothers and sisters were greeted by armed men holding AR-15s on the corner of Railroad Avenue and Third Street. We persisted and peacefully passed.

We were then met with a gang of motorcycles who were waiting for us. They pulled out next to us as we marched and revved their bikes. They followed us down Railroad Avenue (holding up traffic behind them) and made sure that they drowned out our chants. We persisted and peacefully continued our march.

The motorcycles pulled into a parking lot on our side of the street and waited for us again. As we passed, they revved their engines and pushed exhaust and dirt in our faces. We persisted and peacefully continued our march. This whole scenario repeated itself again and again as we made our way down Railroad Avenue.

The police were stationed all along the demonstration route and at the final rally site to keep the counterprotesters (waving TRUMP 2020 flags) away from the demonstration. Our protesters were courteous to the police and we sincerely thanked them at the end of the rally for keeping us safe.

I had no issue with the counterprotesters. They were exercising their First Amendment rights to free speech just as we were. They did not agree with our position which is their right. However, the motorcycle harassment and intimidation tactics were an attempt to silence us. They do not have the right to prevent us from exercising our First Amendment rights. As these protest marches will most certainly continue in Rifle, I suggest that Railroad Avenue be closed to traffic for the safety of all participants.

Laurie Lawrence

Tired of misplaced monetarily motivated decisions

I continue to be amazed at the attention and money being spent by the City on the roundabout as you approach our new bridge. There are at least 25 trees, many shrubs and flowers with a cost of $120,000. The total contract with Gould cost $687,000. This in an area that is beautified for people in cars passing through on their way to someplace else.

I would like to see the city council give as much consideration to the piece of land we call North Landing Park, for some beautification. People actually pass through this area on foot. Currently our nice marble artwork is ingloriously crowding the sidewalk. The rest of the area is vacant with not one tree, flower or shrub. They have maintained the dandelions with poison, watch out kids and dogs, and water the patchy grass.

I can hear and see I-70 from up the hill at Fourth Street on Pine. A few well placed trees on the south side of this piece of property would benefit North Glenwood and every room in the hotel that faces south and west.
The city is holding hostage this small piece of property, as well as the beautiful riverfront piece that was the location of the sewer plant, waiting for some dream developers to make the right offer. The sewer plant property is behind barbed wire to make sure no human sets foot. Vision from the council might recognize that, in this contracted economy, it would be best to take a different tack; one favoring citizens rather than pie in the sky development.

North Glenwood is the location of the pool, our elegantly historic Hotel Colorado and the Adventure Park and new hot springs. If not for these attractions people would drive through our stupendous roundabout and just keep driving. It doesn’t take long to eat on Seventh Street and experience the improvements under the bridge. We would not be a destination resort but for the north side drawing cards.

I am so tired of misplaced monetarily motivated decisions. Let’s try to make the city better for its citizens. A few trees, flowers and food trucks would not cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

There was a rumor the garden club was becoming involved. What happened? Perhaps Gould would donate some big trees for North Landing Park. Where’s the ice cream truck?

Barb Coddington,
Glenwood Springs

Trump not keeping us safe

Our fake-news president has lost interest in keeping Americans safe. Last Wednesday, Trump declared that COVID-19 is “fading away.” Therefore, the White House task force on the pandemic will now be meeting just twice a week. Meanwhile, even Fox News reported virus numbers surging in many parts of the US, as well as worldwide. To get comprehensive, accurate information, see http://www.worldometers.com. Currently, thanks to our bungling, anti-science president, the U.S., which has only 4.2% of the world’s population, has 26.2% of the world’s cases. Is this Trump’s plan to “Make America Great Again”?

Annette Roberts-Gray

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