Kellogg column: Next president must reinforce founding pillars |

Kellogg column: Next president must reinforce founding pillars

James Kellogg

The United States of America is arguably founded on four primary pillars: the Constitution, economics, culture and religion. This supports a solid platform for every American to build his or her dreams. Unfortunately, the current administration is chiseling away at our foundation. Which candidate for president will reinforce the founding pillars of America? Here are some hints.

The Constitution of the United States is the framework of a government with the power to guarantee the rights of American citizens. But our Constitution also provides for limited government authority, implemented through a system of separated powers. We are a representative republic that is intended to reflect the will of the people.

President Obama has taken a jackhammer to the Constitutional pillar of America. For example, his executive order unilaterally changed federal law, classifying citizens who engage in occasional gun sales as “gun dealers.” Under his watch, the IRS initiated a campaign to deny tax-exempt status to conservative political groups and scrutinize Republican donors. And Obamacare selectively taxes citizens and prohibits free choice in health-care decisions.

Which presidential candidate says she supports President Obama? Which candidate promises to put citizens ahead of government? Who says he supports the right to bear arms and efforts to repeal Obamacare?

The U.S. economy utilizes free-market principles to create wealth and opportunities. Limits on government interference allow capitalism to stimulate creativity, innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit. Government spending cuts and lower tax rates are incentives for investment that stimulate job creation.

During President Obama’s tenure, spreading cracks in the economic pillar have been ignored. Green energy subsidies escalate energy costs. The corporate tax rate of 35 percent on American businesses is the highest in the industrialized world. Typical working families are subject to income tax rates between 15 percent and 25 percent. Meanwhile, endless government spending has pushed the national debt above $19 trillion.

Which candidate for president says she wants to spend billions of taxpayer dollars on mandated green energy projects? Which candidate promotes his desire for a simplified tax code and pro-growth reforms to make America competitive in a global market? Who says he favors domestic natural gas and coal over expensive subsidies for wind and solar?

America exemplifies the strength and prosperity of diverse peoples united into one nation with a common language, a distinct culture of independence and clearly defined borders. The American people are free to go as far as ambition, energy and talents take them. Liberty coupled with responsibility unlocks inherent talents in individuals and leads to prosperity and true societal success.

President Obama seems content to let the cultural pillar of America crumble. Big government is the equalizing force that discourages self-reliance and personal responsibility, fostering a dependent population. The administration has overseen massive expansion of entitlements and social welfare programs. Concurrently, uncontrolled illegal immigration marginalizes the importance of American culture, language and borders.

Which candidate for president reveals little more about her immigration policy than support for universal voter registration? Which candidate’s talk of a border wall indicates his understanding that a nation without borders and laws is not a nation? Who says he wants to make America great again with a return to our values?

The Declaration of Independence references “a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence” in declaring our nation free and independent. The founders did not intend a ban of religion from public discourse. Judeo-Christian faith and prayer are part of our history and heritage, yet Americans of all faiths are free to pray as conscience dictates.

President Obama undermines our pillar of religion with assertions that the United States is not a Christian nation. He declares that Islam is a religion of peace while jihadists persecute Christians throughout the world. On the domestic front, the Obama administration’s agenda has included redefining marriage and dismissing the sanctity of unborn life.

Which candidate for president called half of her opponent’s supporters “a basket of deplorables”? Which candidate said in his interview with CNN, “I think Islam hates us”? Who promised to “protect Christians” during his visit to Liberty University?

Our next president must preserve and protect the primary founding pillars of America. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump should be scrutinized on that desire and ability. Which candidate’s record indicates she will keep chipping away at our foundation if she is elected? Who has the leadership and energy to shore up America’s future when he becomes president? The answer should be easy now.

James D. Kellogg is an engineering consultant and the author of “Radical Action: A Colt Kelley Thriller.” Look for the novel on and visit or email james@jamesdkellogg.

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