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Letter: 1% tax renewal needed

The voters of Glenwood Springs have a great opportunity to positively impact the continued development of our wonderful community in the upcoming election.

First, a note of thanks and appreciation to our Glenwood Springs Chamber Resort Association and the Community on the Move workforce. In my opinion, this team is responsible for some of our model city’s biggest and best accomplishments over the years. We are at the election crossroads of supporting the renewal of the 1 percent tax, and I feel we cannot let this continued opportunity pass us by.

Ballot initiatives 2H and 2I will renew the 1 percent tax plus approve the ability to bond against the tax. The beauty of renewing the tax, which began in 1998, is that 70 percent plus of the tax is paid by individuals outside of our community. Bottom line, for every tax dollar that we pay, an additional 3 tax dollars come into our community from outside sources. This money is then used for city “acquisitions and improvements” as determined by the community and City Council.

In the past, this funding source has helped pay for numerous projects, including City Hall, the Community Center, sidewalks and streetlights, numerous downtown improvements, the Midland Avenue corridor, the new raw water delivery system, plus money for Center for the Arts and the Glenwood Springs Historical Society.

Future opportunities from the tax could include South Midland Avenue improvements, South Bridge, improvements to Sunlight Bridge, upgrades and improvements to the new Sixth Street corridor, as well as the exciting Roaring Fork/Colorado River confluence opportunity that could include numerous amenities, including trails, river access, parks and leisure areas.

What a great opportunity to support our present and future Glenwood Springs families and residents. Vote yes on Ballot items 2H and 2I.

Dave Sheriff

co-chair, Community on the Move

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