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Letter: 4 Mile roundabout bogus idea

You’re kidding, right? The “No Stop for Right Hand Turn” is a cakewalk compared to the traffic debacle at Glenwood Park. There is more traffic tied up there 10-fold, yet somehow, someone thought a roundabout at 4-Mile is the ticket. Who makes this stuff up?

The roundabout needs to be at Glenwood Park. You can easily see this (if you observe) — especially during school let-out or the evening commute back home. Cars are constantly backed up at the Glenwood Park/Park East entrance/exit, waiting to return to their taxed residences that provide you money.

Speaking of the “special tax” for city improvements, guess who (among other taxpayers) are on the bottom of your list? Glenwood Park. This is a taxpayer neighborhood in desperate need of road resurfacing. Have you been in Glenwood Park lately? The roads are totally ghetto. Put your taxpayer money back to the taxpayers and fix Glenwood Park’s roads.

Dave Heyliger

Glenwood Springs

Editor’s note: The engineering plan for the 4 Mile roundabout calls for a new student pickup/drop-off access to Sopris Elementary School.

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