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Letter: 4A supports jobs

If we shutter our aging care center and not replace it, our community loses 86 well-paying jobs. That’s huge for a community our size.

And if we move forward in building a new care center and adding beds at the hospital, more than 200 new jobs will be created. That would be an incredible boost to our local economy.

And when you layer on the added business that local contractors, restaurants, hotels/motels, lumberyards, hardware stores, gas stations and other retailers we will realize when we inject tens of millions of dollars into our local economy, you start to realize there’s a lot riding on Issue 4A.

Yes, we get more beds at the care center. Yes, we get more beds at the hospital. And we get an incredible short-and-long term boost to our local economy.

Mary Lee Mohrlang

Battlement Mesa

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