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Letter: Questioning Roland’s drift

Reading Post Independent columnist Roland McLean’s recent column, “Moderate Republican slate best bet for Western Colorado,” left me reeling. So many opinions and so few details!

I get Roland’s drift. He likes Republicans. Democrats, not so much. But I would appreciate it if he would flesh out his positions a bit.

Let’s take the column’s lead paragraph. Roland calls Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jared Polis “a multi-millionaire elite socialist.” I understand that folks on the right often refer to their fellow Americans on the left as “socialists.” But why? My Webster defines “socialism” as “a system or condition of society in which the means of production are owned and controlled by the state.” Polis, an entrepreneur reportedly worth $400 million, founded at least three free-market companies. So if our columnist chooses to refer to him as a “socialist,” I’d like to know why. There’s a whole column right there.

Moving on to paragraph 3, Roland reads Jared Polis’s mind. “Additionally, one should expect that he will push to make Colorado a sanctuary state. He will try to push through a single-payer health system that would bankrupt the treasury.” The sanctuary movement and single-payer insurance are two important topics worth exploring, but all they get is a sentence apiece. Roland’s readers deserve better.

Paragraph 4: “The Democrats unite on a platform of open borders, banning ICE, higher taxation … They are opposed to oil and gas.” What does Roland mean by “open borders?” Is he implying that Democrats want to eliminate all border checkpoints and allow the unrestricted free flow of people across our borders? 

On oil and gas development, are Democrats flat-out opposed, or do they simply want to further regulate it? Each of the charges he brings against Democrats is worthy of a carefully researched column. What we’re getting from Roland is a blast of sound bytes.

Finally, without the courtesy of addressing her by name, he dismisses Democratic Garfield County commissioner candidate Paula Stepp with a pat on the head, calling her as “a very nice lady.” Did he really say that?

Ed Colby

New Castle

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