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Letter: 7A will keep community a place to live and work

Congestion. It’s not just for Aspen anymore. You will find traffic backed up day and night at every stop light in the Roaring Fork Valley and west of Glenwood. And there’s no longer a quiet traffic time at off peak. So yes, property taxes seem to be the main dish lately.

And it hurts to face higher taxes. But it hurts more to have less than excellent schools, inadequate fire protection and less transit/trails when we need more.  

How much worse would congestion be if RFTA lacked the financial support to keep up with this crazy growth? Or think about future degradation of our beautiful Rio Grande Trail if we lack proper maintenance and improvements.  

Please check out the details at http://www.onboardwithrfta.org.

The site will explain the issues and costs, help you write a letter in support and make a donation of any size. We need your support and your vote. Say “Yes” on 7A to keep our community a place we will always want to live and work.

Jacque Whitsitt

Basalt mayor

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