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Letter: A command from on high

“Will no one rid me of this troublesome priest?”

Those are the words attributed to England’s King Henry II to his knights in 1170. That was interpreted to mean his majesty wanted them to murder Archbishop of Canterbury Thomas a’ Becket, so they stuck him like a pin cushion with their swords.

The CIA is saying Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman said pretty much the same thing to his agents about journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Just like in the 12th century, the Prince’s agents/thugs chopped up Kashoggi like cold cuts in Saudi Arabia’s Turkish embassy.

Becket’s transgression was he excommunicated one of the king’s knights for killing a priest. All Khashoggi did was write articles critical of the prince.

Why is the United States reluctant to impose full sanctions on or condemn Saudi Arabia for this dastardly deed to a U.S. citizen who worked for the Washington Post? Because the Saudis allow American Big Oil to control the oil flow from their country, and a $100 billion arms deal is at stake. We must protect our status as the weapons supplier of the world.

Look out Salman Rushdie. What Khashoggi wrote about the Prince was nothing compared to “Satanic Verses,” which questioned the entire Muslim faith. Don’t look for Uncle Sam to protect you.

Fred Malo Jr.


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