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Letter: A few thoughts

I don’t want the wolf reintroduced to Colorado. We have a robust elk population and therefore a healthy hunting economy because of it. That will go away. Wolf packs (apex predators) thrive on big game.

Think of how they would change the dynamic of Estes Park or the stupidity that would ensue when selfie takers first see the pack that is shadowing them on West Maroon.

I don’t want the West Slope being taxed for East Slope water diversions. Why don’t we tax the East Slope for West Slope health care?

If the moss in the Roaring Fork is a problem, because of the locations of it, is it a byproduct of golf course fertilizers, and do we need to monitor that?

I don’t want Vogelaar Park to be replaced with housing. This sounds like a Joni Mitchell song or a Bill Engvall skit. “Tear out the park and put up housing …” “Here’s your sign.”

There has been housing approved in the valley for possibly 4,000 people, new or existing residents. How much do we need?

I say “kudos” to the powers that be that created the new Red Mountain Trail. We will have to see what kind of erosion problems may happen next spring. From what I can tell, it gets lots of use and brings in bikers who are smart and courteous.

Thirty-five years ago when we were creating mountain biking, no shocks, no cleats, none to 12 gears, a rider and his partner showed up one day on a ride wearing a helmet (we will call him Ralph). At the first rest break a discussion ensued with most of us explaining why we didn’t think we needed helmets. After much deliberation he calmly said, nobody cares if you fall and crack your skull, but if you do you are going to ruin the day for everybody else. Within a month we all invested in helmets. A good helmet is 1/400th the cost of a medevac flight to Junction — trust me I know.

Kudos also to the bridge contractors and workers on kicking butt. And to all of us.

Brett Morrison

Glenwood Springs


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