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Letter: A fine mess

Say what you will, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are the opposite sides of the same coin, the coin of Common Sense. They carry with them the truth of their being. Hillary has assimilated her truths by what she has been told and by simply playing the gender card as her truth of being, duh. In other words she talks down to the obvious: She’s a woman, so that alone will buy her a free ticket? Not the obvious (color of skin or gender) as Martin Luther King said, “but the content of character.” So, show character, Hillary, and don’t dumb down the race by appealing to gender and/or trolling for endorsements.

Hillary is beholden to people she has taken money from. In other words, she is bought, not just bought, but actively seeking to be bought. These are her “hard choices.” All that would be fine if they were principled, but they’re not, or she wouldn’t have made so many bad choices — Iraq and Bengazi are two, and then there is Whitewater, trysts with associates, private email that could compromise national security, overselling and upselling health care, etc.

We, the American People are going to be beholden to someone who is beholden to special interests. We are selling our freedom if Hillary is elected. We will be doing her bidding from those who hold her in their debt. We will be spooning the water out of the Pacific Ocean to dry it up or some such “fool’s errand” while some fat cat laughs all the way to the bank.

Donald Trump exaggerates Republican sentiment. Now look at them denying this sentiment. Republicans are too human. Bernie Sanders doesn’t know that if everyone got an equal share of the national wealth, in five years it would be back in the richest people’s pockets. Both these guys see flaws and must have a populace demand to get them to work. No one is going to be a racist and give away a nickel, but how will Bernie or Donald get to their goal? They won’t, unless they provide enough substance to beat Hillary and her gang.

Fred Stewart

Grand Junction

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