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Letter: A lovely convention

A delightful first day of the Republican circus/convention, straight from the fascist playbook. Cherry-picked stories to sell fear, fear and more fear. Perhaps we just need to be “safe” from Republicans?

We were treated to immense, overcoordinated mudslinging at Hillary Clinton, mixed in with the usual racism, religious intolerance and their ever-increasing promotion of a single acceptable religion. I did thoroughly enjoy the sideshow of some of the attendees tearing up their credentials, throwing them on the floor and walking out, the Colorado delegation, among others, with them. All over a silly vote that The Donald didn’t want taken. I was very impressed by the plagiarism of the current first lady’s speech by The Donald’s trophy wife. I’m sure it must be difficult for Republican speechwriters to come up with original words promoting positive, human action.

We had another excessive dose of the continuing attempt to sell the Republican fantasy that the current administration bears the singular responsibility for today’s divisiveness and dysfunction in America. Always interesting to note how the disastrous results of the massive Republican obstructionism: in voting, environmental protection, education and actually, any people-oriented legislation, gets blamed on the Democrats. One has to wonder why they think no one can remember how they have crippled our nation with their traitorous and disloyal behavior. An endless sell-out to the corporate/rich. Tax relief for the wealthy and the corporations and a never-ending attack on the economic base of the middle class.

Classic fascism, as I have suggested before, find on the internet, “Fourteen Signs of Fascism.” We are often wont to suggest that some particular election is the “one” that will set the course of America’s foreseeable future. Given the near stranglehold that wealth already has on our nation and the increasing power for control/management of the populace by technology, this may be that election. We are faced with scant choice, when one of the candidates is a self-obsessed, uneducated, thoughtless fool. His presidency would be much like his convention.

R.W. Boyle

New Castle

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