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Letter: A mining town?

The proposal is to expand the limestone mining area 4,000 percent and dump 20 plus truck loads of limestone along the railway — every day. The mine lies at the end of the South Canyon funnel for westerly winds that blow strongly almost every day, except when deflected south by harsher winds from the north.

This proposal subjects the entire city to increased particulate exposure when we already are at the boundary of healthy air quality. A complete Environmental Impact Study should be conducted before this major expansion is allowed. Once permitted, there will be no meaningful recourse.

Wishful thinking that the mine will have minimal impacts will not stop the wind blowing.

If “the company” was local, they would be aware of this issue, but this does not appear to be a point of common understanding. Our town is pro business, and our county is pro drilling and mining: The tax revenue is appealing.

Perhaps consideration of the health of the residents and what we want to be as a community should decide this issue. No one can change the wind.

Greg Boecker

Glenwood Springs

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