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Letter: A moralizing cult

To each celeb in the #StandUpForUS PSA: You are a beautiful and unique snowflake in a passing snowstorm. When a snowstorm comes, I hold out my hand and let the snowflakes land into my palm. One snowflake lands, and in the next second another snowflake lands. I cannot behold the anatomical uniqueness of a single snowflake against a backdrop because different snowflakes come along. Snow in a snowstorm falls, lands, accumulates and then melts away under a bright sun the following day.

I don’t understand “the celeb” very well, but I can attempt; like I were leading an anthropological inquisition onto a group of distant dwellers in the middle of a jungle, or stranded on an island, or safe in some angelic and liberal city walled-in by enablers.

Why must celebs congregate into a moralizing cult that counsels us on cockeyed methods for subduing hate with love? Surely, criticism exists against all celeb endeavors, aimed centrally at their egos. But yet, in this case, their egos are not humbled by their public announcement, because these celebs feel “confirmed” by the whole of society to act as warm and wise sages on int-and-national affairs.

The PSA on YouTube is significantly downvoted. Their video concert of concern is viewed like the fire of a holy crusade. I wish that the actors in this PSA, and in PSAs of past, would accept that “deplorables” occupy the position of neighbor. Celebs have shown their art to the world; a Herculean task which deserves admiration (I admire three of the actors from the PSA). Where along the way did they reject the offered terms of life?

Steven Jensen
Glenwood Springs

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