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Letter: A needed lift

November was a hard month for me. My father of 95 years died and the antithesis of all I believe in was elected to the U.S. presidency.

Joy however filled my heart when I attended the Glenwood Springs Elementary School Winter Wishes Concert on Dec. 15. The children of the third, fourth and fifth grades gave outstanding performances.

There is a beautiful simplicity in children singing songs of fun, joy, hope and peace. I also commend the amazing and resourceful teachers who encourage these youngsters as artists and singers. There was some really beautiful 3D artwork of polar bears, penguins and other scenes in the lobby.

My wife, who volunteers here, was greeted with such joy and enthusiasm by many of the children. It was a great night for the kids, teachers and parents, but it was especially joyful for me.

Thomas Rutledge
Glenwood Springs

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