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Letter: A plea to the city of Glenwood Springs

Please, please, please stop trying to study our city to death. Who is asking for all of the studies or plans that are being recommended on your watch? And who is paying for them all? Confluence study, RFTA study, transportation study and the city’s Master Plan?

As a 40-year plus local citizen who worked for or with architects, engineers and general contractors for over 50 years, this is the epitome of overkill and a waste of the taxpayers’ money. What I cannot begin to understand with this most recent confluence study is why the city isn’t first considering taking a general public survey of what people want before assuming that three national-based planning firms, who generally work in larger cities, would have a clue about how our local citizens feel about developing such a pristine piece of property. Almost everyone that I have spoken to wants the confluence to remain a scenic park and open space. Not one of the planning firms that were interviewed for this project will come close to reflecting that view.

The confluence property belongs to the city and its citizens and not some private developer who’s out to make a buck. It is a truly unique property that should be preserved for future generations and not for mixed-use development such as housing, a four-star hotel, or even an art center.

Economic development seems to be the steering wheel driving this City Council’s plans for more of everything; more people, more cars and more traffic, more housing, etc. Get a clue — this is not why people are moving to Glenwood Springs, it is what they are trying to escape. Please try taking public surveys prior to spending upwards of $200,000 for a consultant. Also, what is the rush to develop the confluence property, it’s certainly not going anywhere.

Joe Infascelli
Glenwood Springs

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