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Letter: A question of values

I live in New Castle and I had no problem with ballot issue 2A, the one-time collection of a auto use tax, until I read the following comment by Loran Randles in an article written Oct. 18.

”New Castle does not allow retail marijuana sales, and Randles said that the use tax serves as an alternative to revenue from an industry that does not match the values of the community.”

I’m a member of the community and it sure as hell matches my values, so do me a favor, Loran, and don’t presuppose to speak for me. I don’t recall seeing your name on any ballot I’ve submitted, you’re not on the Town Council, so give it a rest. If rejecting ballot issue 2A means we might get a retail marijuana shop, then I’m voting no.

Thanks for helping me make up my mind, Loran.

Chip Nealy

New Castle


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