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Letter: Absent details, it’s just bus BS

I am not a fan of more taxes. Or tax promises such as “it will only be for XX years” — they are the worst because they never really go away (like the tax at the Meadows, for example).

Now RFTA wants more money from me. I don’t ride the bus (I telecommute), yet they still want me to pay. They say for “more service and new buses.” But no more. Every article in the Post is the same. “More service and new buses.” And again, no real details (OK, maybe bus stop improvement details).

In order to make an informed vote, I would need to know some answers to the following questions. Like, how much do the RFTA head honchos make per year? Or how many people actually occupy the New Castle bus on average? Or what is the average headcount per bus? Or why the ridership fees are not paying for the service?

Why are none of these topics disclosed in the “please give me your money” articles in the paper?

When I am on the road, to me … it looks like the buses are mostly empty. And the windows are so tinted it makes it even more deceiving. Are they hiding something? Is it embarrassing to be seen on the bus? I think the buses are too big, but what do I know (nothing, I guess, since these details are never revealed by RFTA).

I will tell you one thing: Without RFTA openly providing more details, there is no way I am voting for this tax. And neither should you.

Dave Heyliger

Glenwood Springs

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