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Letter: Absurd to ridiculous

After watching three hours of true news this morning, I cannot go on with my day until I write my thoughts, as we have gone from the absurd to the ridiculous. The daily carnival of the Trump presidency is exhausting. The lack of a spine in the Republican Party is sickening, and you have drunk the “kool aid” of the evil in the White House.

The latest order from your dictator President Trump is to divert millions of dollars from schools for military families, to pay for his border wall. The Alt-Right virus is infecting America. Trump has spewed more than 12,000 lies in the last three years, and the spineless Republicans are accepting this.

The list of “broken promises” is extensive. I will remind you Republicans of just a few:

1. A great health care package, and everyone will be covered at a lower cost.

2. Great infrastructure will be happening.

3. A great wall, and Mexico will pay for it

4. A great trade deal with China.

5. I will fix the immigration system.

6. Gun control will be handled.

 Five years ago Lou Dobbs suggested President Obama should be impeached for wearing a tan suit. This is laughable, is it not? It is pathetic. May I remind you of the truly impeachable violations of your President Trump: Laws are being broken every day; the law of the emoluments clause, lying to the American people almost every time he opens his mouth. Inviting foreign powers to interfere with our elections, making friends with our enemies and enemies of our allies. destroying our standing in the world as a leader of freedom and rights for all. He has made us look like fools in the eyes of the world. 

When will you Republicans start to put your country ahead of Trump and his destructive policies and lies? Grow a spine, Republicans, and admit that you were wrong to put this pathological liar in the White House. We now have the most corrupt president in American history. You have been conned.

Linda Carr


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