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Letter: Accomplished president

Hal Sundin (As I See It, Feb. 7) feels, “Our current president is emotionally, intellectually and morally unfit for office.” With all the problems our current president has, looks he is the best person for the job.

Enjoy your tax cut, lowest unemployment rate in years, millions off food stamps. Our current president is doing things he said when he was running for office, more than any other president. What is wrong with that?

That is why people voted for him. Just common sense. Hal Sundin, are you a doctor? How can you say he is emotionally unfit for office? Mr. Sundin, this president has done more in two years than any other president for the good of the country.

What a State of the Union speech. Some people say the best of any president. Mr. Sundin, why do you hate him so much? List all the things he has done wrong for the nation. Please, no personal attacks.

John Lepkowski


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