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Letter: Ag tourism not new

I got a shock and had to laugh at the comment, “Agritourism is now just just starting to pick up up here in the United States.” (Cedar Ridge Ranch ready to grow agritourism, Post Independent, June 29).

I knew about ag tourism in America back in the 1990s as the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis reported about it to us Americans in such writings as “Ag tourism – selling a way of life” (Wisconsin State Roundup, fedgazette, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, Jan. 1, 1994):

“From simple roadside stands to lodging, museums and gift shops, the growth of rural tourism in Wisconsin has led the state to form the nation’s first agricultural tourism association [in the Spring of 1993].”

In the recent past, I attended the Garfield County Board of County Commissioners double hearing session about an agricultural tourism business proposition which passed with the Hon. John Martin voting against. From the testimony and the evidence presented, I side wholeheartedly with Martin, because in areas where there higher density of houses, buildings and schools there needs to greater concerns, considerations and safe guards for the community at large.

I foresee winds blowing more powerfully for bigger stakes in agricultural tourism in Garfield County at the county and local levels.

Agricultural tourism is also called ag tourism, agri tourism, agro-tourism, farm entertainment (and other variations).

Emzy Veazy III,

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