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Letter: Against CMC plan

Personally, I have always supported taxes to help our schools and young people. Yet, I have some serious concerns about tax measure 4B. Specifically my concerns are with CMC administration and Board of Trustees.

A few years ago, CMC released its president and bought out his contract for $500,000. Since when should the president of a public, taxpayer-funded institution have a golden parachute?

Suppose that money had been placed in a scholarship fund for deserving students. CMC tuition is $3,328 per year. Over the course of two years, it costs $6,656 to complete an associate’s degree. With that $500,000 golden parachute, 75 young people could have received an associate’s degree and entered the workforce.

Until The CMC Board of Trustees can convince us through their actions that they are truly student-based, I urge you to vote no on Ballot Issue 4B.

Joe Mollica 

Glenwood Springs


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