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Letter: Agenda, not representation

The recent decision by the Garfield County Commissioners triumvirate to allow more drilling and the installation of an injection well in Battlement Mesa is very disturbing. This is an indication that the members of this commission are not representing the interests of their constituents in Battlement Mesa but are interested in only advancing their own agendas as well as the interests of the drilling companies at whose altar they worship.

The comments by Jankovsky and Samson were especially disturbing by suggesting that they alone had decided what was in best interest for the people residing in Battlement Mesa and that they alone had decided that the hazards of earthquakes and other problems were taken are of. How very arrogant and condescending of all three commissioners to suggest the residents could not make these decisions for themselves.   

These actions by these elected officials clearly support the fact that the two-party political swamp exists not only in Washington, but also at all levels our government.

Garry Evenson

Battlement Mesa

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