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Letter: Agreed on TV scams

I am in agreement with Carol Abbot’s, letter from the PI (2/23/18) regarding the cable, satellite, package scams. I am a cable TV protestor; I refuse to buy into their scam deals and I have felt alone in my little protest until Ms. Abbot’s letter.

Ms. Abbot calls it the greatest scam going that affects nearly every household. What other thing do we purchase where we must buy a bunch of things (channels, hundreds of them, mostly worthless) we don’t want and will never use, in order to get the few channels we do want? These companies have realized that many families won’t go for it, so they have tied it up with deals where you can get a landline (Really? These things are obsolete) and the internet. Then they suck you in with low prices that are raised regularly and before people know it their bills are a major monthly expense. Just try to get internet only!

What I want to know is what happened to the broadband bill that voters approved two elections ago? We voted to allow our local municipalities to be internet providers, because after all, most all the communications that communities need know is only accessible by email. I was told that the bill passed but municipalities don’t have the infrastructure. Why was it on the ballot if the cities weren’t prepared to go forward with it?

I think we need to ask our city managers what’s up with that because the more we accept this rip-off and just pay the bills the more the cable providers think they can get away with. We are consumers and we do wield considerable power. I think they particularly target older folks who won’t say anything about the bill. They force people into contracts, along with those ridiculous cancellation penalties, and many of the companies install new equipment on apartments and homes and never take away the old satellite dishes. There are three on my apartment and I don’t and never had satellite.

I know we have many issues that seem more pressing, but this affects almost everyone, and these internet and cable providers are taking advantage because what are we going to do about it? Well, what are we going to do about it?

Tricia Cleis


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