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Letter: Aiding with our beauty

I am grateful to live in beautiful Colorado, and especially in Glenwood Springs, a diverse caring community providing a wide range of activities. My favorite activity is simply walking and enjoying the beauty of nature and also the beauty and diversity of the people I see as I walk.

Sometimes I notice trash, tagging or graffiti that mars the beauty for me. I am aware, though, that there are things I can do to lessen the impact of what bothers me. It is easy to pick up trash and dispose of it properly and, frankly, it’s kind of fun and rewarding. Of course I can’t eliminate it all, but I can do a little and I know that there are many other people who also pick up trash.

Another thing I can do is smile at those who pass by. It is a good feeling to be smiled at, so I smile and always appreciate a smile given to me. I am especially aware of children and young adults and how important it is that they not be treated indifferently or feel ignored. I believe, actually, that this is one way problems like graffiti could be lessened.
Anything that can be done to decrease the alienation between races, genders, ages and lifestyle choices is helpful, I think. Often a smile or a nod can make all the difference.

I often wish I could carry a little pot of paint and a brush and cover up the graffiti and tagging I see as easily as I can pick up trash or smile, but that could be awkward. So I am grateful for our chief of police and the townspeople who so consistently work hard to repair any damage. I am also grateful to the organizations and individuals who work on our trails and rivers, repairing and cleaning.

We are so fortunate to live in such beauty. Together in a positive inclusive way I believe we can maintain our town’s beauty.

Carol Buick
Glenwood Springs

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