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Letter: Air quality hearing takeaway

Here’s my take on the April 17 Air Quality Control Commission meeting at the Garfield County Sheriff’s Annex in Rifle:

About 50 people showed up, a good turnout for a meeting held at 3:30 on a weekday.

The main focus was a November 2017 ruling calling for stricter air quality standards that apply only to the Front Range. A show of hands revealed all but a handful of attendees were in favor of stricter regulations on the Western Slope.

The people from the AQCC emphasized there would have to be a consensus from the “stakeholders” for this to happen. I thought if the stakeholders include the oil and gas industry and the citizens living near oil and gas drilling, that’s not likely to happen. The industry doesn’t give a damn about the health and safety of the citizens, and the citizens don’t give a damn about the industry’s profits.

I left early, so I missed the comments of Ursa Resources vice president Don Simpson and West Slope Colorado Oil and Gas Association director David Ludlum. I read Simpson said, “I’d like to challenge anybody in this room to say oil and gas people aren’t concerned about the environment and living in Colorado.”

Wish I’d been there. I’d have pointed out the oil and gas people have proven time and again, at Firestone, Bella Romero, and Battlement Mesa, they are concerned only with money.

Fred Malo Jr.


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