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Letter: All animals have a right to life

Why is it that humans think that they have the right to kill animals whenever they see fit. Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s handling of the mountain lions in West Glenwood is shameful. Just because a mother and her children are hungry doesn’t give them the right to kill them. 

I have no problem with anyone protecting their family, and I consider pets as family, with lethal force if necessary, from animals or humans. But to bait a animal, and trap it so you can kill it, is a senseless act and should not be tolerated. So please stop calling the CPW when you see a wild animal — we all know what they will do. They have shown us time and time again, with bears and lions, that killing is their way of handling the situation. 

All animals have a right to life just like we do.

J. Korrie,

Glenwood Springs

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