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Letter: All forms of energy

Sen. Scott, a quick story please.

My friend is in the business of buying and selling steel. He says, “China can make steel for a lot less than we can in the U.S. because of all the regulations.”

His very next sentence to me, “Of course, you cannot breathe the air in Beijing without wearing a mask.”

My hope is that my great-grandchildren will be able to breathe the air and drink the water. It does not matter how much oil, gas or coal we take out of the ground, if you cannot breathe the air or drink the water, what good is it?

Making money at the sake of our environment is not going to keep this from happening. The inconvenience is developing energy sources without causing pollution to our air and water that will run our industrial world.

You being the chair of the Senate Select Committee on Energy and Environment, you are in the position to look at all forms of energy and help to make all energy sources available while protecting our air and water.

It is convenient to blame others for what you could not get done. You represent all people of the great state of Colorado, not just the oil and gas industry.

Something for you to chew on during the pause of the 71st General Assembly.

Thank you for serving our state.

James Gilliam


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