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Letter: Allow trailer or RV space

It is no secret that we need lower-cost housing for workers in the Roaring Fork Valley. I have a solution that would give hundreds a less expensive place to live. It would also keep so many cars from passing through Glenwood as the workers would be living farther up valley.

Why not let every landowner with suitable acreage have a trailer or RV space on their land? As long as the hookups met all codes, were up to standards and had adequate water, electricity and sewage facilities, what would it hurt? The landowner could pay the county a one-time fee that would cover the cost of inspection and add a little money to the county coffers, as well.

Doing this would not only help the county but put a few bucks in the landowners’ pockets and save the workers thousands in travel and housing costs. How can this be wrong?

I know that doing such a thing now is against code, but codes can be changed. How about it? It is the sensible thing to do.

Linda Hayes
Glenwood Springs

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