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Letter: Alternative letters

The fact-free zone that is Jane Spaulding’s letters to the editor deserve a special warning label when you choose to print them, perhaps “warning opinions based on ‘alternative facts’ below.”

Janeworld: “Before Obamacare everybody had their own doctor.” Reality: Before Obamacare many people could not afford to see a doctor and nothing in the bill limited doctor choice.

Janeworld: ”Before Obamacare everybody had their own health care that they could afford.” Reality: The numbers bounce around a bit based on the government source and the way that they calculate, but somewhere around 24 million people in the U.S. are covered since Ocare started.

Those of us who have experience purchasing private health care insurance recall that prior to Ocare we were experiencing double digit annual premium increases and that was for insurance that allowed insurers to discriminate against people with pre-existing illnesses, women and older folks.

There is work to do in order to improve Ocare, and we will need a variety of perspectives to make it work better. However, it is hard to envision progress without a common understanding of reality. Misinformation will not help that effort.

Robert Schultz

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