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Letter: Amendment 69 terrible

I encourage business owners, those with permanent jobs, military retirees and retirees with Medicare A and B to take a good look at Amendment 69 and vote no.

Amendment 69 is a terrible proposal designed to take taxes from the above groups and others to provide health care for the indigent or what many refer to as the freeloaders and those who claim they cannot afford to pay. A freeloader, according to Webster, is someone who imposes on someone else’s generosity without sharing in the cost or responsibility involved. Amendment 69 is a massive redistribution of wealth where producers will receive little or no benefits but they will pay all the costs for the freeloaders who will pay little or nothing at all.

The proposal, if passed, will create a mammoth bureaucracy with no controls from the Legislature or governor. Has anyone ever heard of a government program that didn’t cost at least twice as much as estimated and produced less than promised? Remember Obamacare? Sixty-nine is worse. The usual fraud and abuse will occur and cost the taxpayers more each year.

I believe some will go out of business and new business will not locate in Colorado. I predict an influx of nonproducers who will flock to Colorado as they will have it all. Why not? They already have a ready supply of marijuana, sufficient giveaway programs so they won’t need to work, as Amendment 69 will provide free health care.

I am a retiree and I would receive no benefit from 69 but I would be required to pay thousands of additional taxes from my retirement earnings that I have spent a lifetime building. This is a tax bill. Goodbye Colorado residency, if passed.

Richard Woodrow

Glenwood Springs

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