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Letter: America was made great by those who sacrificed

We all heard a presidential candidate speak of how he felt about prisoners of war, he is now president.

In the war for our independence, an estimated 20,000 Americans were taken as prisoners of war, an estimated 8,500 died while in captivity.

In the war of 1812 American prisoners were taken to England and held in horrible conditions — 252 did not return.

Francis Scott Key wrote a poem while on a British ship watching a battle rage, where our flag did fly, in an attempt on his part to release American prisoners in the war of 1812, that poem became our national anthem.

Thirty-thousand union soldiers died while in Confederate prisons while approximately 26,000 confederate prisoners died in Union prisons. All of them at the end of the day were Americans; all of them prisoners of war.

One-hundred-forty-seven American prisoners died while interred in World War I.

Ninety-four-thousand Americans were captured in World War II, all of them fighting bravely for our nation.

Today, an unknown number have died while in captivity. Think of the Bataan Death March.

In the Korean war, 7,100 Americans were captured, approximately 2,700 died while in captivity.

In Vietnam, 766 Americans were captured, 114 died in captivity.

Twenty-four prisoners were taken in the first Iraq war, all were tortured as most American prisoners to one degree or another have been for over two centuries.

America has always been great. You don’t need to leave your party to not support a President that would denigrate the many thousands that have been captured, tortured and died in the many wars that have been fought by the brave of our nation. A wall is not going to make America great; America is already great, it always has been, some days more than others, made so by those that have gone before us and sacrificed.

Funny, John McCain fought for people that did not speak our language, had brown skin and sought democracy. Today, in our country, the war is to build a wall against people that have brown skin, don’t speak our language and seek democracy.

Marco Diaz


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