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Letter: Animal-friendly?

This letter is in response to John Hoffmann’s letter “Humans and wildlife”  (Nov. 5, 2017).

Good grief! Apparently John thinks he is the next Dr. Doolittle, talking to the animals. John, news flash, you are not a CWP officer and have no expertise regarding wildlife, particularly in the Crystal River Valley.

There is no benefit to wildlife by building Alternative B, as noted by CWP and other independent experts. Wildlife do not benefit by interacting with people. I don’t know where you got this information, since it is not supported by scientists and biologists, and you are neither.

Further, Pitkin County can’t buy all of the easements necessary for the trail unless it uses eminent domain and takes peoples’ property away from them. This will cost even more money than Pitkin County has or should spend.

John lives in Carbondale/Garfield County, so there will be no physical or financial impact to him. Please leave decisions regarding animal behavior to the experts and spend our money more wisely. We have other more pressing issues.

Melissa Waters

Crystal River Valley

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