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Letter: Another betrayal

This must be said first: I am a political conservative, but I am put off by our county commissioners. They embody the worst of the old mantras regarding Republicans. It’s money first, big business first and in this area drill, drill, drill, no matter where. I am urging all in Garfield County to focus on the fact that citizens no longer count with various bodies of our government whether it be city, county, state or this current Congress in Washington, D.C.

Please be aware of the voting records of all elected officials and consider that change is often needed. Refusal to listen to people whose well-being depends on closed door decisions violates an oath of office. In the case of the injection well approved for Battlement Mesa — our three commissioners had their minds made up long before the recent public meeting. This is a set pattern, and public testimony is only a required formality. Injection wells are the most dangerous, and do cause earthquakes confirmed by geologists who have studied the patterns in different locales. And this one is too close to homes and will sit above the Colorado River. Western Colorado needs better diversification of business and industry to provide jobs. Total reliance on drilling has become the easy way out. As long as the drilling is not in their own backyards, the commissioners will service their own agenda and not what is in the interest of homeowners where drilling takes place. I also have to remind readers that seniors were lured here via false advertising that left out one important fact: This is a gas pad zone. No mention of it by the local realtors who sold properties.

Carol Abbott

Battlement Mesa

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