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Letter: Another crash

Remember back in the early ’80s when Exxon bailed out of oil shale after pretty much building a new town, Battlement Mesa? So after the dust cleared a lot of people started retiring there, finding the pace a bit slower and the winters milder — gradually turning a crash into a positive. We all know many people that have made that move from the mountains here, investing their savings in a home for their easier years and grandchildren to visit.

Then boom — another crash comes 30-some years later, their own county commissioners allowing a gas company to drill right in these fine folks neighborhood. Didn’t we use to think we voted these guys into office to look out for our well-being and healthy existence? Instead they allow gas drilling right alongside grandchildren playing, barbecues and golf games. There is a place for drilling and a place for living a healthy life, and they are not one and the same. We have all heard about the accidents that happen with drilling for natural gas. Houses blowing up, contaminated water spills, rashes from toxic fumes in the air and ground water contamination. Don’t you think our county commissioners saw those same news reports, but they still allowed this to happen. How can they say they are concerned about the citizens of this county when they time and time again vote in favor of the gas company, and not in favor of its own citizens? Does anyone out there, except for our commissioners, think jobs and tax money should come before having a safe healthy community to live in? Is it right for them to allow this practice long after these folks have invested their money into their homes, and now devaluing their properties? Would you buy a home in an neighborhood where there is a gas well?

So, please, when re-election time comes remember how these commissioners have voted, not who lives next door or is a friend of a friend, or smiles shaking your hand and kissing babies. We need people in office that look out for our well-being, not helping the gas company’s bottom line.

John Korrie

Glenwood Springs

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