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Letter: Answers, please

To Congress:

The Illuminati is hard at work plotting to disrupt the inauguration. What are you doing about it?

George Soros is a criminal/traitor. When will he be arrested?

You sit on your thumbs while the American people are scammed, overlooked and even poisoned.

You know there are terrorist training camps on our soil. Are you putting your heads in the sand?

You have deliberately spent senior retirement money. Why haven’t you kept your greedy hands out of it?

You stand in silence with Obama while our law enforcement officers and firefighters die for no good reason. Are you celebrating with BLM?

You know who owns and dictates to the mainstream media. Why the silence?

The Clintons belong in jail. Are you afraid of them?

Your medical care, your retirement, other perks and cushy salaries are more important than homeless vets. Why?

Carol Abbott

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